Dr. Anna Chacon was recently featured in Glam’s article, ‘If You Skip Toner In Your Makeup Routine, You’re Missing Out On Big Benefits’

Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘Although toner is not a must in a skincare routine, it can deliver nourishing ingredients to the skin and lend support to other skincare products that you’re using, per Kiehls. “A toner refers to a wash or lotion that is made to clean the skin and shrink pores and is usually applied to the face with a cotton ball or applicator,” dermatologist Dr. Anna H. Chacon shared with Hero Cosmetics. “It helps to refresh, protect and moisturize the skin. It can be applied in different ways, such as a spray,” she added. In a skincare routine, toner comes after a facial cleanser and is often followed by a hydrating serum and then a moisturizer. ‘

Read the full article.

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