Dr. Anna Chacon was recently featured in SheFinds’ article, ‘3 Cheap, Natural Treatments For Women Over 50 To Stimulate Growth At The Hairline, According To Experts’

Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘There is no shortage of hair growth solutions for anyone who is struggling with thinning and shedding hair. The problem isn’t supply or demand — it’s figuring out which product actually works and what the limitation of it is (and how to not get disappointed and quit when your scalp doesn’t immediately cooperate). Most hair growth products will take time — and some simply won’t work because they are either ineffective and not proven to work OR they don’t take into account the cause of your hair loss. For example, all the oils in the world won’t make a dent in hair growth if you have a vitamin deficiency at play, or if stress is causing shedding. Visiting a dermatologist is step one in conquering hair loss and getting to the other side. ‘

Read the full article.

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