Dr. Anna Chacon was recently featured in SheFinds’ article, ‘The Skincare Product Experts Are Begging People To Stop Using Because It Clogs Your Pores’

Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘Have you ever wondered why your dermatologist or aesthetician stares at you blankly (or, worse, with concern) when you begin to rattle off the mile-long list of skincare products you apply day and night? As you recount the many oils, anti-aging serums, exfoliators, and masks that you’ve read about or seen on TikTok that SWEAR they will make a huge difference in your skin’s texture and overall health, they are probably thinking one thing: too many suspicious ingredients. Or they could be thinking: well, that ingredient is a magnet for pimples — who started the vicious rumor that it’s a miracle product?’

Read the full article.

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