Dr. Anna Chacon was recently featured in Women’s article, ‘FYI, Butt Hair Is Normal. But If You Choose To Remove It, Here Are The Things To Keep In Mind’

Here is an excerpt from the article, ‘Butts have hair — point blank. Just like how hair grows out of your head, arms, legs, groin, belly, and pretty much everywhere else on the body, including the insides of your nose and ears, your tush has hair. The funny thing is, butt hair is stigmatized despite not being publicly visible. It may not be as intensely balked at compared to, say, armpit hair or pubic hair, but the very idea of butt hair is nearing taboo territory. It’s no wonder it also gets yanked out during a Brazilian wax. If you feel like Chewbacca for the mere presence of hair in your derriere, just know that nearly everybody has it, too. “Most people grow hair around their anus and on their buttocks, and it’s completely normal,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Anna Chacon, told Women’s Health.’

Read the full article.

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