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6 Reasons Your Hands Smell, and How to Stop the Stink

December 9, 2021

Most of us bring our fingers or hands up to our faces countless times a day without even realizing it. But you might take notice if your hands have a funky odor.

Bad or weird hand smells are usually temporary and tend to clear up on their own. “Hands and fingernails tend to pick up odors simply because they’re touching different things,” Miami-based board-certified dermatologist Anna Chacon, MD, tells

Certain culprits don’t just cause smells to be confined to your hands, though. Some foods, drinks and medications can lead to increased body odor in general, which you might notice on your hands. Less commonly, unpleasant smells can also develop due to an underlying medical condition.

So why do your hands smell bad, and how can you get rid of the stench? Here are six common hand odor causes and what to do about them.

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