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All About The Skin Barrier, The Thing That Makes Your Skin, Well, Good

Say it with us, a hydrated barrier is a healthy barrier.

When it comes to maintaining healthy skin, you may have heard an earful about defending the skin barrier (and all its layers), which can be kind of confusing considering the fact it’s easy to assume that the skin barrier is just that—skin. But, it’s so much more than that.

Dr. Adam Mamelak MD, FAAD, an Austin-based dermatologist, explains that shielding the skin barrier is extremely crucial, as it is the most important protective barrier on our skin. Once damaged, it can lead to infection, breakouts, and seriously unhealthy looking skin. Yikes.

To up your skin barrier defense pronto, and to learn more about the barrier that protects our largest organ, we tapped Dr. Mamelak (plus other derms!) to break down the best tips and tricks worth keeping in mind as we journey further into winter.

Plus, if you are also on the hunt for product recommendations, not to worry! We definitely got you covered with some soothing and moisture-boosting treats your skin barrier will thank you for.

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