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Common Challenges In Women’s Hair Loss Treatment

Dr. Anna Chacon

In my practice, I have a focus on hair loss. And, more specifically, women’s hair loss.

While some people may consider hair loss to be more prominent in men, over 50% of women may experience some level of hair loss during their lives, warranting a focus on hair loss treatments specifically tailored to women.

All hair loss is not the same, regardless of gender, but being a woman does bring with it some special nuances that can affect hair.

In general, women live their lives in a state of hormone fluctuations more so than men. Whether this means the changes from a monthly cycle, pregnancy, or menopause, nothing stays steady in a woman’s world when it comes to hormones.

And, since hair growth, loss, and health is deeply connected with hormones, this can offer some unique challenges when it comes to treating women’s hair loss.

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