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Dermatologists Say This Is The Best Serum To Get Rid Of Dark Spots ASAP

May 8, 2022

The best way to help your skin heal from dark spots, countless experts say, is to have a consistent morning and nightly skincare routine that utilizes products with vitamins linked to brighter complexions. Supporting healthy skin is possible through the right serums, moisturizers and other items, but also through a well-balanced diet, enough water, sleep and exercise. With that said, one serum is a no-brainer when it comes to brighter skin, a radiant glow and necessary for any age group. We checked in with dermatologists Dr. Elaine F. Kung, M.D., FAAD, founder of Future Bright Dermatology and Dr. Anna Chacon, M.D. of My Psoriasis Team to learn more.

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