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Your Complete Guide To Tattoo Pain Relief

December 10, 2021

While it’s exciting to get new ink, it’s only natural to wonder how long your tattoo will hurt as you go through the healing process. Will it take a day, a week, or a month to go back to normal? And beyond that, you might wonder if there’s anything you can do for tattoo pain relief or to alleviate the itchiness that creeps up, especially if it starts to get annoying.

According to professional tattoo artist Lisa Doll, the most painful part of any tattoo will always be the actual tattooing process. Once you leave the studio, you can rest assured the hardest and most painful part is over. But you’ll still be able to tell that your skin has a superficial wound, obviously caused by the tattoo needles. “They puncture the skin over and over,” Doll tells Bustle, “which creates small holes in the skin as well as surface heat and friction.” But there are methods you can turn to for tattoo pain relief.

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